Welcome to SCCP

The SCCP is a working group of the SSC, which was founded in 2016 and is primarily intended to address cardiologists in practice

The "SCCP" is intended to bring together the cardiologists in private practice and to pursue the following objectives and represent them within the SSC:

  • Networking, representation and participation of the regional groups towards the SSC and promotion of political, clinical and scientific exchange between the cardiologists in practice.
  • Supporting existing regional groups and promoting the establishment or integration / merger of other regional groups
  • Representation of interests and a say in professional, health and tariff issues as well as in education and training
  • Promotion of practical assistance for cardiologists in advanced training. Assistance for the establishment of a practical assistance (federally regulated admission / accreditation of further training practices).
  • Participation in the development of practical guidelines
  • Consultation organ for the other working groups with regard to practical aspects
  • Promotion of cooperation between the cardiologists in practice and the hospitals in the interest of optimal patient care
  • Participation in the SSC annual conference